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320GSM - Wiping Towel

T2 Microfibre Towel 320GSM

Gentle on delicate surfaces. Suitable for use with panel wipes after polishing to remove compounds/oil, during application of coatings to level evenly, for removing excess product residue of spray waxes/sealants/detailers and damp use for cleaning.


Multi-Purpose Towel For Buffing, Wiping, Cleaning, Both Dry and Damp Use.

Packs of 5 & 20 pieces available. > 300 pieces custom pricing available on application


  • Size 40cmx40cm
  • 320 GSM
  • Premium Blend
  • Laser Cut Edge
  • Cloth Short Pile
  • 70% Polyester/30% Polyamide
  • Washable & Reusable
  • Coating Levelling
  • Compound & Polish Removal
  • Oil & Residue Removal
  • Interior Multi-Purpose
  • Panel Prep

To maintain the quality and efficiency of your microfiber towels, simply machine wash them using a gentle liquid detergent that’s free of bleach and softening agents. It’s best to wash them separately to avoid picking up lint from other materials, especially cotton. We advise against the use of Chlorine Bleach since it can deteriorate the fibres and lessen the microfiber’s impressive cleaning abilities. Also, steer clear of fabric softeners; they can impede the fibres’ functionality. For drying, opt for a low heat setting.